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Postmedia Network is one of Canada’s leading online destinations for News and Information.   Every month 8 million Canadians come to our websites for their news, information, entertainment and lifestyle updates. Postmedia offers unique premium content across some of the nation’s most trusted media properties.  And we provide Canadians with the news and information they want wherever they want it: online, mobile or tablet.  Postmedia offers interest based targeting, traditional online ad campaigns, custom integration solutions and a collaborative approach to effectively and efficiently drive results for your online or multiplatform strategies.  Whether you are looking to reach executive men or entertainment driven women: We’ve got your audience! 

  • The network that is #1 in newspaper content reaching millions of Canadians every day whenever and wherever they want.
  • Canada’s most trusted news source brands:, and 10 of Canada’s largest metropolitan newspaper sites: Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald, Montreal Gazette and more.
  • Reach engaged audiences across Postmedia’s mobile platforms, with over 4 million page views across our Mobile network each month.

Contact us!  We can help you reach your audience with award winning, out of the box campaigns that leverage Postmedia’s premium, multi-platform digital properties.
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